Business Associates

To provide the broadest-possible range of mass-communications products to clients, Hurst Media Works collaborates with specialists. These specialists are experienced professionals, skilled in their respective fields, ethical in their business dealings, who – like HMW – strive to put the client’s needs first and produce products of quality and cost-effectiveness.

If you are looking for any of these products or services, Hurst Media Works recommends these vendors for your consideration:

Graphic Arts:
KH2 Design, Kim Hanna-Hall: (724) 294-2818 or

Interactive CD Products and Still Photography:
Interact-Interactive Media Systems, John J. Concannon, Jr.: (814) 255-1229 or

Video Production:
Chazzbo Media, Chuck McIlhenny, (814) 330-5948 or
Clark Productions, Jerry Clark: (814) 536-3356, extension 128 or

Website Development and Hosting:
Recharge Web Design, Don “Dutch” Brennan: (814) 946-0205 or